Handcrafted - Have you Tried Our Delicious New Forest Shortbread?

Handcrafted - Have you Tried Our Delicious New Forest Shortbread?

Welcome foodies and shortbread aficionados. It’s time to discover our handmade artisan shortbread, unpack the secrets of traditional all butter shortbread, and venture into a world of our unique shortbread flavours …


The Making of New Forest Shortbread at Burley Rails Cottage


Picture this: a quaint cottage kitchen set deep in the heart of the New Forest bursting with timeless tradition. At Burley Rails Cottage, the home of New Forest Shortbread, the heritage of shortbread making is lovingly preserved.
But what makes our delicious shortbread stand out isn’t just the age-old recipe; it’s the stories from the New Forest National Park that truly season the process.
From the steady rhythm of our team mixing and kneading to the careful watch as each piece of homemade shortbread takes its golden-brown hue in the oven, these are more than simple steps in a recipe – they’re cherished local legacies coming to life.


The Flavours That Make New Forest Shortbread Unique


Here at New Forest Shortbread, we are not just any ordinary shortbread maker. We pride ourselves on our handmade approach, offering a delightful range of shortbread flavours that transform simple treats into a taste experience.


When you bite into a piece of our classic, crumbly all-butter shortbread— you’ll experience a timeless flavour that embodies the essence of traditional baking.
If you're feeling adventurous, try our award winning lemon shortbread cookies, bursting with a tangy zing that awakens the taste buds. For a touch of floral elegance, indulge in our lavender shortbread, where delicate notes of lavender blend harmoniously with the buttery richness.


Another standout is our award winning Earl Grey-flavoured shortbread, infused with the distinctive aroma of bergamot, adding a sophisticated twist to a classic favourite. This flavour has been created in collaboration with our partners The New Forest Tea Company!


And for the chocolate lovers, our chocolate shortbread is a decadent treat, where velvety chocolate meets buttery goodness for an indulgent experience.
Each flavour of shortbread that we bake is a celebration of simplicity and quality, perfect for any mood or occasion. We bake together the freshest and finest ingredients that we have sourced to create a shortbread that is both timeless and tantalising.


Where to Find New Forest Shortbread


If you're in the New Forest National Park area, keep an eye out for New Forest Shortbread in farm shops and gift shops, 5 star hotels, cafés, and other visitor attractions. You can also place your shortbread order online via our website, whether as a reminder of your holiday in the New Forest National Park, or just because our shortbread is so good you want it on repeat subscription! (Yes you are not the only one!!).


If you haven’t indulged in our handmade artisan New Forest Shortbread, you're missing out! From the craftsmanship of our kitchen to the homely flavour experiments, and the joy it brings as a luxury food gift, New Forest Shortbread is the very best of the artisan foodie world.


It’s more than a baking product; it's an invitation to slow down and savour the moments. Try a piece, or two, or maybe three, and join in our little world of happiness. Because at the end of the day, sharing a bit of love, care, and some truly exceptional shortbread is a recipe for a well-lived life.

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