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Delicious All Butter Shortbread From The New Forest National Park

Winner: Artisanal Bakery Of The Year 2023/24

THANK YOU Prestige Awards!

The judges of the Prestige Awards have praised the commitment shown by Tracy and her team which ensures every piece of shortbread they produce preserves the homemade taste and texture she fell in love with many years ago. The unique approach to production ensures, once baked, an intentional and wonderful array of shapes and colours, ensuring a unique artisan experience with every bite. The commitment to sustainability is evident in the thoughtful, recyclable packaging. The shortbread is sealed into bags on the day they are baked and nestled in boxes which with their illustrations and stories about the New Forest, make these delicious treats.

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Winner: Great British Food Awards 2023: GOLD

We are REALLY thrilled to have won GOLD in the Great British Food Awards 2023 'Sweet Biscuit' category!

With a score of 14/15 for our Original New Forest Shortbread, the Great British Food Panel's feedback was: "If you are looking for the perfect shortbread biscuit, make sure that New Forest are your first point of call. From the lovely packaging, which is recyclable and biodegradable, to the perfect number of biscuits, you will not be disappointed. It is not just the Scots that make good shortbread! These were the right size for your mid-morning cuppa. Order yours now."

Judge Robert Gooch said "lovely buttery taste, great story on the packaging, homely feel'.

Proud Winners of 2 Great Taste Awards 2023

For the second year running, New Forest Shortbread was been named among the top food and drink producers globally, picking up a highly prized 2-star AND 1-star Great Taste Award!

This year 14,195 products were put through the competition’s rigorous blind judging process; and New Forest Shortbread was dubbed a “really good eat” at the world’s most coveted food and drink awards. 

Judges Feedback

Great Taste Awards: 2- stars: Rosemary Flavoured New Forest Shortbread

Feedback from the judges:

We adore the traditional homemade artisan look of your rosemary shortbread, which have a rich buttery aroma followed by that distinctive yet light approach to the rosemary addition. The texture and mouthfeel are spot-on, as the shortbread gently crumbles to deliver the well-chosen ingredients of flour, butter and that delicate well-balanced rosemary.

These biscuits have a nice handmade appearance, with a decent thickness and lovely colour. The rosemary is clear in the aroma and well-judged in the biscuits, which also have a buttery flavour. These are really good to eat.

Lovely looking shortbread rounds with a light golden bake and a good distribution of herbs. There were delicious buttery and rosemary notes on the nose, and when popped into the mouth we were met with an instant hit of butter before the rosemary comes through. There's a wonderful long-lasting finish. Well made and well executed.

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Great Taste Awards: 1 star: Earl Grey Tea flavoured New Forest Shortbread

Feedback from the judges:

These shortbreads look appealing and are evenly formed. On the nose, the bergamot and tea flavour are apparent. We like the flavour of the bergamot on the palate, and the tea balances the sweetness of the biscuit. We also enjoyed the buttery texture.

We loved the aromatic mouthfeel from these moreish crunchy biscuits. The bergamot filled the senses and blended well with the sweetness to provide a moreish biscuit. The sweetness was perfect and allowed the aromatics to sing.

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Winners of Great Taste Awards 2022

New Forest Shortbread was been named among the top food and drink producers globally, picking up a much coveted 1-star Great Taste Award!

In 2022 the Guild of Fine Food and their 'Great Taste Awards' awarded Tracy's Original Shortbread with a Gold Star rating. This esteemed organisation of 500+ experts gave their consent for the irresistible flavour and texture of this traditional shortbread, noting its "homemade appearance, even golden bake, rich buttery finish, soft snap, and dairy aromas", which melt in the mouth with a toasty flavour.

Judges Feedback

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Great Taste Awards: 1 star: Original New Forest Shortbread

Feedback from the judges:

A very appealing home made appearance with an even golden bake and a rich buttery finish. A soft snap with dairy aromas, the biscuits melt in the mouth delivering a warm toasty flavour. Notes of fresh butter, really honest flour flavours, well judged levels of sweetness produce a balanced and delicious shortbread. A faintly powdery note on the finish could be improved for an even more satisfying experience.

There was a wonderful crunch with a melt in the mouth feel. The butteriness was evident but we wondered if the cornflour made the biscuit too short and left a starchy note on the palate. The sweetness level was perfect and did not dominate.

Well and evenly baked shortbread with a wonderful buttery aroma. Great short texture melts in the mouth releasing buttery sweet flavour this is a very well made classic shortbread using quality ingredients that are shining through.


Artisan Shortbread

To keep the homemade taste and texture, each batch of Tracy's dough is very slightly different in weight and mixing time, so the shortbread vary enough to give a variety of shape and colour once baked.