Award-Winning New Forest Shortbread.


" These shortbread are dangerous! "

Dame Judi Dench

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Handmade By Artisans

Discover our award-winning artisan shortbread biscuits, handmade in the heart of the New Forest National Park.
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" Best Biscuits I've Ever Tasted..."

Just got my order today, I must say they are the best biscuits I have ever tasted, when are people going to realise that the mass produced stuff is nothing compared to your wonderful shortcake, my personal favourite is the Earl Grey, that beautiful heady smell of the tea with the mild taste of the biscuit brings nothing but joy and that air of self indulgence, but I would happily scoff the lot given half the chance, having independent artisan makers like you brings pleasure into our lives, I have spread the word to my colleagues and friends so sorry for causing you more work.

- Nick
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Hi, I'm Tracy,
artisan baker &
creator of THE best shortbread.

All of our shortbread are still carefully packaged by hand - the artisan way.

"Crumbly & Delicious"

The best shortbread I have ever had. I originally ordered them for my clients, but we love it, so we'll be subscribing for sure.

- Diane
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New Forest National Park

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Collaborating With The New Forest Tea Company

Discover Our Earl Grey Tea Shortbread!
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Artisan Shortbread

Our artisan bakers create in small batches to ensure that handmade quality and mouthwatering deliciousness is baked into every piece of shortbread.


"So tasty & melt in the mouth"

After seeing these on Facebook decided to try and they are delicious - had normal shortbread and lavender. Both so tasty and melt in the mouth. Will be trying some other flavours.

- Julie

Look! Ponies...

Traditional shortbread baked in the heart of the New Forest Natonal Park.

Can't stop eating these...

We know that once you try one, you won't be able to stop yourself.

You'll scoff the whole lot.. And why not!

Farmers Market Quote Of The Week

So what do you think of them? "Liscious"

A.L Age 3