Indulge Your Senses with Our New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag

Indulge Your Senses with Our New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag

Looking for a unique and delectable treat to present to your loved ones or to indulge in yourself? Discover our New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag – a delightful parcel of handmade artisan shortbread that packs a flavourful punch.


Deciphering the Goodies Inside


When you unbox our New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag, it's not just about the shortbread biscuits; it's about the experience.


Each bag contains three boxes of our famous and delicious shortbread biscuits. The best bit? You also get to choose the three shortbread flavours that go into your gift bag, giving it that extra special personalised touch!


Here are the delightful flavours waiting for your selection:



  • Chocolate Shortbread: Lovers of the cacao, rejoice – our chocolate shortbread is a perfectly balanced sweet treat with a hint of the rich, fulfilling taste of chocolate.


  • Rosemary Shortbread: Yes, you read that right! Our rosemary shortbread is a unique combination that is earthy, lightly floral, and perfectly savoury. Enjoy with a beautiful smooth cheese like St. Agur or a stunning cheddar - it's truly delicious!


  • Raspberry Shortbread: A zesty and tart delight that marries the sweetness of shortbread with the tartness of raspberries. well as our Earl Grey, Lavender, Lemon, and Coffee shortbread, perfect for breaching the conventional with every nibble!


A Tasty Testament to Quality and Tradition


What makes our handmade shortbread stand out is the commitment we have to flavour and tradition.


Not only are our products made from the finest ingredients, but they are also baked with a history of expertise over 50 years strong. Here at New Forest Shortbread we are devoted to creating timeless recipes and sustainable practices ensures that every bite evokes a sense of place and care.


Our handmade artisan shortbread gift bags are the perfect way to share the New Forest Shortbread Company experience. We hand pack each gift bag ourselves and take great care in ensuring every bag is crafted and presented with the same love and attention that goes into baking our all butter shortbread. We promise a charming and delicious foodie gift for the foodie in your life!


Ideas to Spread the Shortbread Love


Our New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag is the answer to many a gifting dilemma. Whether it’s a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or simply to show gratitude, this bag speaks volumes. It's a thoughtful luxury present for not just food lovers but anyone with an appreciation for quality and craft.


Consider gifting this to your boss for their next company milestone, or to a dear friend who just landed a promotion. It’s also the perfect gift to bring along for a hostess at a dinner party, giving her a sweet reason to relax post-event!


Ready to Order Your Slice of Buttery Heaven?


Purchasing your New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag is as easy as it is rewarding. Simply visit our website here, choose your preferred bag combination, and you're all set to sprinkle a little shortbread magic wherever this gift goes.


A Deliciously Thoughtful Gift


The New Forest Shortbread Gift Bag is a special, thoughtful, and easy way to share the love of traditional all butter shortbread crafted with the finest ingredients. Our customers tell us time and time again, that our Shortbread Gift Bag is a parcel of joy filled with memorable taste experiences.


Happy gifting and happy eating!

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