To Dunk or Not to Dunk? The Delicate Art of Biscuit Submersion

To Dunk or Not to Dunk? The Delicate Art of Biscuit Submersion

For many biscuit enthusiasts, dunking is a cherished tradition, deeply woven into our biscuit-loving culture. Whether it's the sturdy Digestive holding its own in a mug of strong black coffee or the delicate dance of a shortbread biscuit melting into a cup of Earl Grey tea, dunking is all about showcasing your unique tastes and preferences.


New Forest Shortbread Delves into the World of Biscuit Dunking


Dunking biscuits isn't just fun; it's practically a science! People argue over how long to dunk, what biscuit to use, and which drink is best. When you get the combo just right, it's almost magical. And the ultimate dunking biscuit? Shortbread, hands down, in our humble opinion. Its crumbly, buttery goodness turns into something heavenly when dipped in a warm drink.


Tea or Coffee: The Great Dunking Debate


At New Forest Shortbread, we enjoy dunking our shortbread in both tea and coffee, but we have a soft spot for tea over coffee. Coffee's boldness can sometimes overshadow a delicate biscuit like shortbread, whereas a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea—with its floral hints—sets the stage for the all-butter goodness of a shortbread biscuit to truly stand out.


Our Top 3 New Forest Shortbread Flavours For Dunking in your Cuppa


In the art of dunking, the biscuit selected must not only hold its shape but elevate the experience.


Here are our top 3 New Forest Shortbread flavours that are not just resilient to the dunk, but are also perfected by it.


1. Chocolate Shortbread: The Decadent Dunker
The harmonious marriage of rich cocoa and crumbly all butter shortbread texture makes our chocolate shortbread an utterly decadent dunker. Its subtle sweetness is enhanced as it melds with your drink of choice, and rises to another level when dunked in rich hot chocolate, making it a sumptuous treat that is perfect for indulgent pauses throughout the day.


2. Earl Grey Shortbread: The Biscuit's Cup of Tea
Infused with the delicate flavour of Earl Grey tea, our shortbread variety embodies the very essence of a dunk. Its hint of bergamot adds a gentle, citrusy note that complements the luxurious shortbread, making it a dunk that's as elegant as it is delicious.


3. Traditional All-Butter Shortbread: The Classic Companion
For those who prefer the understated elegance of the original, the New Forest Shortbread's classic all butter shortbread is a timeless choice. Its rich, buttery profile is a perfect match for any beverage, offering the perfect comforting dunk that's both familiar and delightful.


Dunk into Deliciousness: Wrapping Up the Our Biscuit Dunking Debate


Tea and shortbread make a classic pairing, much like bread and butter. But here's the question: do you dunk? If you enjoy dunking your shortbread into your tea, you'll understand the disappointment of losing the bottom of your biscuit to the depths of the cup. Which is why it's always handy to have another one (or two), to hand in case things go awry!


For the ultimate biscuit lover gift, consider treating them to a box of New Forest Shortbread to compliment their favourite brew. It's a delightful way to savour the rich flavours of our artisanal shortbread alongside a comforting cup of tea.

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