Award wining New Forest Shortbread

Award wining New Forest Shortbread

Indulge yourself in the fresh green fragrance of Tracy's artisan Rosemary flavoured shortbread! A 2-star rating in 2023 Great Taste Awards!

These Rosemary flavoured New Forest Shortbread are made by adding dried and blended Rosemary leaves to All Butter Original dough. The right amount of Rosemary allows the flavour to be released without being overpowering. Lovely with cheese or fruit curds. 

Tracy's Rosemary flavoured New Forest Shortbread has been recognised in this year's Great Taste Awards with a 2-star rating! The esteemed Guild of Fine Food judged this traditional shortbread, noting its "rich buttery aroma followed by that distinctive yet light approach to the rosemary addition. The texture and mouthfeel are spot-on, as the shortbread gently crumbles to deliver the well-chosen ingredients of flour, butter and that delicate well-balanced rosemary."

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