Dairy Aromas of our All Butter Shortbread: Savouring the Artisanal Delights

Dairy Aromas of our All Butter Shortbread: Savouring the Artisanal Delights

In the fast-paced modern world that we now live in, where convenience often trumps tradition, a curious thing has happened. There is now a longing for the slow, the homemade, the heart of tradition, and the comfort of the kitchen has never been stronger.


For our generation of foodies, it is not just what’s on the plate that counts, but rather the sensory experience of the entire culinary process. And when it comes to that, few things can compare to the unmistakable alluring aroma of freshly baked all butter shortbread straight from the oven. There's truly nothing better than the comforting scent of shortbread biscuits being baked to perfection.


A Timeless Tradition Baked In Every Batch of New Forest Shortbread


At New Forest Shortbread, we have been perfecting our all butter shortbread recipe for over 50 years now, and in the golden halls of the Guild of Fine Food, our All Butter Original Traditional Shortbread was celebrated for its "homemade appearance, even golden bake, rich buttery finish, soft snap, and dairy aromas", which melt in the mouth with a toasty flavour.


But beyond the accolades and praises we’ve received, there is something deeper we bake into every batch of our handmade, shortbread biscuits—the whispers of tradition and the familiar scent of home.


Lavender, Lemon, and Love


Each of our flavoured shortbread has an aroma that tells a story, evoking a different emotion, a different memory.


Take our Lavender Shortbread, for example. Its floral fragrance is the scent of summer days, of fields and freedom. Then there is the zesty burst of our Lemon Shortbread, the very essence of a sunny afternoon, shared laughter, and the sheer joy of life itself. And the decadent richness of our Chocolate Shortbread? That is the promise of indulgence, a little luxury in an everyday treat.


The Charm of Coffee and the Rustic Rosemary


For some, the fragrance of Coffee Shortbread is synonymous with the start of a new day, the ritual of the morning cuppa, and the simple pleasure of that first sip. Made even more special with our collaboration with Coffee roasters Mozzo.


And the rustic charm of Rosemary Shortbread? It whispers of hearth and home, of the earth and its gifts, and the warmth of friendship around the dinner table. In every batch of our freshly baked shortbread, we're not just baking shortbread biscuits; we are crafting connections through these delicious scents and tastes.


Aroma as Art, Baking as an Act of Connection.


Here at New Forest Shortbread, our dairy aromas of freshly baked handmade shortbread are a celebration of love, tradition, and the simple pleasure of a well-baked batch of all butter shortbread. For the foodies amongst us, like seasoned travellers, you will understand that the truest delight often lies not just in the destination, but in the sensory journey.


We invite you to experience a tempting piece of our delectable, buttery shortbread. What is your flavour? Experience the irresistible crunch and aroma’s of our artisanal treats. New Forest Shortbread is baked with passion and meant to be enjoyed slowly, one delightful bite of delicious shortbread at a time.

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