We are still so thrilled to have won GOLD in the Great British Food Awards 2023 'Sweet Biscuit' category! Stickers showing our recognition will be on our boxes of All Butter Original New Forest SHortbread soon!
With a score of 14/15 for our All Butter Original New Forest Shortbread, the Great British Food Panel's feedback was:
"If you are looking for the perfect shortbread biscuit, make sure that New Forest are your first point of call. From the lovely packaging, which is recyclable and biodegradable, to the perfect number of biscuits, you will not be disappointed. It is not just the Scots that make good shortbread! These were the right size for your mid-morning cuppa. Order yours now."
Judge Robert Gooch said "lovely buttery taste, great story on the packaging, homely feel'.

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  • Tom

    Well done Tracey!! Great news!

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