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Great Taste Award

Feedback from the judges:

A very appealing home made appearance with an even golden bake and a rich buttery finish. A soft snap with dairy aromas, the biscuits melt in the mouth delivering a warm toasty flavour. Notes of fresh butter, really honest flour flavours, well judged levels of sweetness produce a balanced and delicious shortbread. A faintly powdery note on the finish could be improved for an even more satisfying experience.
There was a wonderful crunch with a melt in the mouth feel. The butteriness was evident but we wondered if the cornflour made the biscuit too short and left a starchy note on the palate. The sweetness level was perfect and did not dominate.
Well and evenly baked shortbread with a wonderful buttery aroma. Great short texture melts in the mouth releasing buttery sweet flavour this is a very well made classic shortbread using quality ingredients that are shining through.

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