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2 stars for our Rosemary flavoured New Forest Shortbread in this years Great Taste Awards!


We are super excited to have won 2- stars 🌟🌟 for our Rosemary flavoured New Forest Shortbread in the Great Taste Awards 2023!

Feedback from the judges:

We adore the traditional homemade artisan look of your rosemary shortbread, which have a rich buttery aroma followed by that distinctive yet light approach to the rosemary addition. The texture and mouthfeel are spot-on, as the shortbread gently crumbles to deliver the well-chosen ingredients of flour, butter and that delicate well-balanced rosemary.

These biscuits have a nice handmade appearance, with a decent thickness and lovely colour. The rosemary is clear in the aroma and well-judged in the biscuits, which also have a buttery flavour. These are really good to eat. 

Lovely looking shortbread rounds with a light golden bake and a good distribution of herbs. There were delicious buttery and rosemary notes on the nose, and when popped into the mouth we were met with an instant hit of butter before the rosemary comes through. There's a wonderful long-lasting finish. Well made and well executed.


Comments (1)

  • Colette on Aug 23, 2023

    The trouble with your shortbread is that when I open the packet I don’t shut it again until every piece has been eaten! Am looking forward to trying the Rosemary shortbread 😜

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